Xirrus Wi-Fi solutions chosen by F1 Consultancy for worldwide events

Xirrus Wi-Fi to connect users smart devices at events run by technical event management company F1 Consultancy

Xirrus Wi-Fi solutions chosen by F1 Consultancy for worldwide events

Xirrus, the wireless networking solutions provider, today announced (28 June 2012) it has been selected by technical event management company, F1 Consultancy, to provide wireless connectivity for events worldwide. 

Under the partnership, F1 Consultancy will provide Xirrus' range of high-capacity Wireless Arrays when managing the IT infrastructure for high-density events and conferences for clients such as WRG and George P. Johnson. 

F1 Consultancy is a world leader in technical event management services and supports thousands of events every year for organisations such as Microsoft and BBC Worldwide. With high performance wireless often tantamount to the success of an event, a robust wireless network is a critical element to the success of F1 Consultancy's business. 

The partnership also signals the companies' commitment to collaborate technically on evolving wireless networking solutions. The companies will benefit from increased knowledge sharing to solve the challenges raised by the ever-changing landscape of the events industry. With demands from clients and consumers to not only access the internet, but also stream video, blog and tweet live, flawless and robust Wi-Fi is a top priority for event planning today. 

Mark Stephenson, CEO at F1 Consultancy, commented: ‘The IT infrastructure needed for events has changed drastically throughout the 20 years we have been in the market. As recently as two years ago, wired-terminals or Wi-Fi hotspots were ample for the small number of devices connecting to the internet.

'Today, an attendee at an event might have two or more devices connected to the internet, which means we can have tens of thousands of devices all accessing the internet concurrently. This makes the delivery of a wide-scale, high-quality wireless network now indispensable; no good event is without one. Xirrus has the ideal solution for this.’ 

Sean Larner, Xirrus VP International, said: ‘Xirrus has a wealth of experience with large-scale deployments and it's our innate understanding of the events world which makes us the preferred partner for F1 Consultancy. We're thrilled to have the company on board as a partner and to support the world class events that the team manage.’

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