Flexenclosure launches eSite power solution

Integrated power management solution now available for any base station site without reliable grid-power

Flexenclosure launches eSite power solution

Flexenclosure, a specialist provider of intelligent telecom power management solutions, has announced the launch of eSite, a single cabinet fully integrated energy system developed for powering both on- and off-grid base stations. eSite is capable of delivering up to 90% diesel and operating expenses savings at telecom sites.

eSite is a new single cabinet energy system, developed for powering any base station site without reliable power. Available in three versions – eSite Core, eSite Solar and eSite Aero – it is highly flexible and thus suitable for both new sites and upgrades in all potential site conditions.

Flexenclosure, which is based in Stockholm, Sweden, has rebranded the portfolio to eSite and has taken a further step in product development with the expansion of the portfolio to offer extremely energy efficient power solutions to any telecom site without reliable grid power. The foundational product in the new eSite portfolio, eSite Core, extends the application of eSite for unreliable grid sites using batteries for energy storage and power from the grid and/or genset.

‘Flexenclosure has already provided the most efficient solution for powering off-grid base stations with renewable energy. I am now delighted to announce the launch of the ultimate solution for powering telecom sites in areas where grid-power is available but unreliable,’ said David King, CEO, Flexenclosure. ‘The new eSite Core delivers significantly more savings than other currently available systems, together with reliability that will give mobile network operators complete peace of mind.’

The company points out that many of the world’s largest mobile markets are also the least grid-connected. With the extremely energy efficient eSite Core as its foundation, eSite Solar includes a solar array, delivering clean renewable solar energy, thus further reducing reliance on diesel. eSite Aero similarly builds on eSite Core with the addition of Flexenclosure’s telecom-specific FlexWind wind turbine technology, again delivering a renewable power source that greatly reduces the operator’s reliance on diesel.

With the eSite portfolio, Flexenclosure can now offer mobile operators a highly energy efficient and economical power solution for any base station site – whether on- or off-grid. The company says eSite consistently achieves up to 90% diesel savings. In comparison present diesel-battery hybrids typically offer 35-50% savings, while in practice this can be as low as 25% due to the general unreliability of hybrid solutions.

Asia and Africa, the two largest mobile markets in the world in terms of connections, are also the two geographical areas that are least connected to mains electricity. It is estimated that 1.4 billion people in Asia and Africa will lack electricity in 2030, posing a big challenge to mobile operators eager to offer their services to existing and new markets in a cost efficient manner. Powering diesel-fuelled base stations is the single largest cost item for mobile operators today, often representing 40-50% of operating costs.

eSite has several new innovations and features:

A new cabinet with a smaller footprint, reduced volume and new internal layout means easier transportation and installation, improved airflow and simpler troubleshooting and maintenance.

Significantly improved cooling options – free air, air conditioning and heat exchanger – allowing eSite to effortlessly cope with variable climatic conditions in the most extreme environments, by dynamically selecting the most appropriate system to minimise power use.

An integrated grid connection solution that makes use of limited grid uptime in the most effective way.

New functionality for robust and fail safe operation, delivering carrier-class reliability. Features include a fully redundant cooling system with no single point of failure; redundant power electronics modules, and an automatic fall back to genset operation as a last resort.

An enhanced commissioning wizard that significantly reduces the complexity and time required to commission a new site. 

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