Spirent launches unified test appliance platform

Spirent TestCenter C100 brings together application performance, mobility and security testing on a converged, high-performance appliance platform

Spirent launches unified test appliance platform

Spirent Communications, the networks, devices and services testing provider, has introduced Spirent TestCenter C100, a next-generation test appliance platform that enables carriers, enterprises and equipment manufacturers to validate that their terabit, application-aware networks deliver the required performance, availability and security at scale.

The Spirent C100 product family’s performance is the result of Spirent TestCenter’s award-winning multi-core architecture with new hardware-assisted application, mobility and encryption acceleration.

Modern mobile and cloud networks must be able to scale to millions of users and hundreds of millions of application sessions simultaneously. They must be resilient to ever-changing security threats from the rapid proliferation of new applications, and maintain quality of experience (QoE) during unpredictable event-based traffic bursts. This level of application scale, threat exposure and complexity means that equipment vendors and network operators need a high performance test platform with matching application-rich metrics, real-world scale and threat intelligence.

The Spirent C100 offers the broadest test coverage on a single test platform, including testing of app-aware carrier Ethernet devices, next-generation firewalls, mobile and Wi-Fi networks, and video and content delivery networks (CDN) with deep packet inspection (DPI) and app-aware policy controls.

The Spirent C100 platform provides double the performance compared with previous generations of test solutions. This results in savings to end-users, enabling testing at next-generation performance levels without needing to double the amount of equipment used.

For example, when testing application security, Spirent C100 is capable of generating more than 80Gbps of real application traffic and 90 million simultaneous TCP connections. For mobility testing, Spirent C100 emulates millions of subscribers with realistic busy-hour call/data models combining application traffic and complex 2G/3G/LTE and Wi-Fi mobility scenarios. 

For security application performance, the solution realistically emulates thousands of vulnerabilities and attacks, as well as thousands of IPsec tunnels and multi-10Gbps of encrypted traffic, to accurately determine the impact of smartphone applications on the network and whether the threat exposes secure business services.

‘Our customers are under intense pressure to deliver a new generation of secure, application-aware mobile and cloud networks,’ said Patrick Johnson, senior director of product marketing at Spirent. ‘Spirent C100 advances Spirent TestCenter’s performance architecture and is built from the ground up to ensure that test engineers have testing resources that are ready to validate the performance and scale of modern networks.’

Spirent C100 is available now for the Avalanche, Landslide and Studio test solutions.

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