CommScope launches specialist 18-beam antenna for stadium use

Latest 2x9 multi-beam antenna expands the solutions for sector sculpting to address wireless capacity issues in stadia when using a distributed antenna system

CommScope launches specialist 18-beam antenna for stadium use

CommScope has launched an industry first in the shape of a 2x9 multi-beam antenna. This solution provides the power of 18 beams into a single antenna to provide capacity-optimized coverage throughout a venue served by a DAS (distributed antenna system). 

The antenna features two rows of nine beams each covering both high and low seating areas in locations with as many as 10,000 to 100,000 spectators. One row of beams tilts upward four degrees and the second row tilts downward four degrees. An intricate beamforming technique suppresses noise between the sector to enable high-performance and optimum capacity management. The antenna is MIMO-compatible, as well as easy and fast to deploy.

The new antenna is designed to meet the demanding requirements for handling wireless traffic and capacity inside stadiums and concert venues. The antenna is part a portfolio of products which can be used for a CommScope innovation known as sector sculpting. 

The sector sculpting technique is deployed via the new family of CommScope specialty antennas and combined with an outdoor distributed antenna system to address the unique needs of high traffic, highly visible venues—such as outdoor stadiums and concert halls—that can strain or impede networks that are ill-prepared for the crush of wireless traffic generated by customers.

Philip Sorrells, vice president of Site Solutions at CommScope, said: ‘When you look at the challenges mobile operators are facing today and the projections for as few as three to five years from now, the capacity issue is a real concern—whether it’s in an outdoor DAS scenario or the macro cellular network,. Investing in capacity with sector sculpting solutions offers network providers one of the best opportunities to meet requirements now and in the years ahead, which can give them a solid return on their investment.’

CommScope’s sector sculpting solution—already deployed in several stadiums by a major US operator and at the world’s biggest athletic event—features a new generation of multi-beam antenna technologies. Traditional antennas provide a single main power beam, with a primary goal of providing coverage in the intended area. Sector sculpting splits those beams into more narrow and tightly controlled areas, thus reducing interference levels, which is crucial in HSPA+ and LTE systems. 

In high traffic areas such as sporting venues, these systems are combined with an advanced DAS, such as the ION-M from CommScope, which supports the distribution via optical fiber of bandwidth in a multi-operator and multi-technology environment. 

CommScope provides a broad range of sector sculpting solutions as part of its newly-expanded portfolio of antennas, which now pairs products from the legacy Andrew Solutions brand with the high performance antenna innovation offered by Argus Technologies, which became part of CommScope late in 2011.

The integration of the two companies' antenna lines, completed in May 2012, pairs Argus' antenna research and technology strengths with CommScope's broad antenna solutions and global reach. 


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