TWC 2012: DAMM unveils a full wideband data integration solution

DAMM’s wideband solution means that smartphones, tablets and notebooks can work as fully integrated devices on its TetraFlex network

TWC 2012: DAMM unveils a full wideband data integration solution

DAMM’s latest innovation has addressed the increasing market need enable communications and the transfer of high speed wide band data in conjunction with TETRA network operations.

The Danish company has enhanced its TetraFlex network to incorporate wide band data performance by utilizing and combining the TetraFlex IP network concept with modern fixed and mobile data networks such as, but not limited, to 3G, LTE, CDMA, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max or cable connectivity.

This means that data terminals such as smartphones, tablets and notepads will be able to perform as fully integrated devices on the TetraFlex network.

Due to the full integration and numbering unification within the TetraFlex population of terminals and dispatchers, wide band data (files, picture, video streaming and the like) can easily be communicated and distributed between data terminals and dispatchers optimized by means of the TetraFlex user number facility.

The data terminals, such as conventional smartphones, can also perform individual and group calls, as well as short data messaging between either similar data terminals or TETRA terminals.

Because authentication and encryption is an important and vital part of TetraFlex , the same high level of security is also a natural and obvious part of the TetraFlex wideband data concept to secure any mission critical operation.

Rapid Deployable TetraFlex system

DAMM also showcased its TETRA out of the box concept at TETRA World Congress 2012. This is a rapid deployable TETRA system, which enables an emergency communications network to be up and running within 30 minutes.

The Rapid Deployable TetraFlex (RDT) system is completely self-contained and preconfigured, enabling users to set up a communications network almost instantly wherever the emergency occurs or whatever the need might be and whether or not an existing communications infrastructure is available.

From road accidents to natural disasters or deployment in rural areas, the new mobile RDT system has literally thousands of potentially life-saving applications.

The RDT system comes in a rugged cast mounted no wheels with a telescopic handle. It has its own integrated power supply and thanks to a very low power consumption it can be used for applications without access to AC power. It has an internal battery with a two hour performance, but it can be powered using the 12V/DC socket of a vehicle or connected to a solar powered device or a 230V/AC generator.

Several cases can be linked together to create a multi-site configuration using secure IP protocols. When used with DAMM’s new TetraFlex Group Bridge solution, group calls can be made to other TETRA networks or analogue networks. The RDT also comes with a range of software tools including remote management, voice and data management and SDS messages. It can also be connected to an advanced dispatcher solution with a GPS positioning system.

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