Zetron announces new CAD and mapping products for incident response

New Next Generation 911 incident response products are designed to provide a seamless flow of information between CAD, mapping and 911 call-taking systems

Zetron announces new CAD and mapping products for incident response

Zetron is adding new NG911 CAD and mapping offerings to its MAX Solutions family of products. The new incident-response products enable a seamless flow of information between the CAD, mapping, and 911 call-taking systems. The company claims the result is the most advanced and complete NG911 solution available.

NG911 (Next Generation 911) is an initiative aimed at updating the 911 emergency call service infrastructure in the United States and Canada to improve public emergency communications services in a wireless mobile society. In addition to calling 911 from a phone, it is designed to enable the public to transmit text, images, video and data to the 911 center.

Zetron is currently taking orders for its new NG911 CAD and mapping systems which will ship in the summer of 2012. The new offerings include MAX NG911 CAD, MAX Mobile CAD, and MAX Mapping. They will ship in the summer of 2012.

The new products are designed to combine seamlessly with Zetron’s other MAX Solutions systems (which include MAX Call-Taking and MAX Dispatch) to provide a complete, single-vendor incident-response suite. This eliminates the need for coordinating product installation, maintenance and support activities among multiple vendors.

The suite also simplifies operator tasks and improves efficiency because it automatically transfers call information to CAD, displays call information on the map, and allows operators to answer calls from the map. Like other MAX Solutions systems, the new CAD and mapping products will have the flexibility to accommodate new standards and requirements as they emerge.

‘Combining our new CAD and mapping products with Zetron’s award-winning MAX Call-Taking system will result in the most advanced NG911 solution on the market,’ said Zetron vice president of product management, Kathy Broadwell. ‘It will greatly improve operator efficiency, data reliability, and call-processing time. These new offerings are exciting and significant additions to our growing MAX Solutions portfolio of products.’

Product overview

• MAX NG911 CAD: Works with MAX Mapping to automatically follow mobile calls as they change location. Includes features that operators often request, such as color cues for active calls, drag-and-drop functionality, the ability to schedule pre-planned events, call history, and a “be-on-the-lookout” (BOLO) feature.

• MAX Mapping: An Esri-based mapping tool displays call location and relevant geographic data, including emergency service number (ESN) boundaries. Includes search capability and single-click map updates. Helps first responders reach the scene as quickly as possible.

• MAX Mobile CAD: Extends the call center out to field personnel. Allows first responders to see what the dispatcher is seeing, including photos, call history, and National Crime Information Center (NCIC) queries. Allows first responders in the field to send information and status updates back to the call center, which results in a faster, more accurate response to the situation on the ground.



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