TWC 2012: Imtradex demonstrates latest headsets

Imtradex presented innovative new products such as its covert OnGuard Bluetooth headset at the trade show in Dubai

TWC 2012: Imtradex demonstrates latest headsets

The numbers speak for themselves: 2,950 visitors and a total of 106 different exhibitors make the TETRA World Congress 2012 in Dubai the most successful event in the history of digital trade show.

Among the highlights of this exhibition were the headsets from Imtradex Hör-/Sprechsysteme GmbH. From the 15-17 May, Imtradex presented its innovative products to many visitors from the booth B101. It became clear: Imtradex is well prepared for the demands of the digital radio age. In particular, the hand microphones Aurelis Bluetooth and Aurelis Nexus aroused great interest along with the OnGuard Bluetooth.

The OnGuard Bluetooth was designed specifically for use in undercover investigations and with an unobtrusive headset it connects via Bluetooth to a mobile phone, which the investigator carries. 'The wireless design, the inductive Neckloop, the induction receiver RS7 and with a silent sending button, the device is absolutely predestined for the covert operation,' explained Ralf Kudernak, MD of Imtradex Hör-/Sprechsysteme GmbH.

The trade fair in Dubai also demonstrated the high suitability of the products. A wireless transmitter button ensures that it can be hidden for use in the hand. By pressing a button, calls can be assumed, initiated or terminated. With normal use the battery only needs replacing once a year and can be replaced by the user himself.

Also on show were the hand microphones from the Aurelis series, specifically designed for modern digital radio systems. The Aurelis Bluetooth wireless handheld microphone is made of innovative and high quality equipment and sets new standards of communication and security. It includes a transmit button, a microphone, high-quality speakers, an emergency button, a three-level volume control, a two-colour LED and a connector for external audio equipment. Like all Aurelis hand microphones it also has a very robust, splashproof plastic housing. Depending on the digital radio it is possible to integrate different data applications.

In Dubai, Imtradex presented the newest products within the Aurelis family: The Aurelis Nexus. The Nexus is an evolution of the successful Aurelis base. An integrated Nexus jack in this model makes it compatible with all major headsets and in-ear headsets from other companies.

'Currently, the Aurelis Nexus is indeed only available for the Sepura STP8000, but the great demand at this year TETRA World Congress confirmed the already existing plan, to produce the model for all other wireless devices,' said Kudernak.

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