TWC 2012: Hytera demonstrates critical comms over broadband LTE

TETRA app on broadband devices provides TETRA functionality such as group and priority calls over broadband LTE

TWC 2012: Hytera demonstrates critical comms over broadband LTE

Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH (formerly the Rohde & Schwarz PMR division) is currently developing the LTE-based next generation critical communication system at its German-based research and development centre near Hanover.

The system will integrate narrowband and broadband on one single platform to ensure reliable interworking between the different radio access technologies. At the TETRA World Congress 2011 in Budapest a first prototype of TETRA and LTE interworking was shown to the public. The demonstration system has been enhanced with a smartphone-based PMR user agent on the end user equipment and was demonstrated at this year’s TETRA World Congress in Dubai.

With the integrated SIP-based core server, service interaction between narrowband and broadband is ensured. Hytera demonstrated the system’s ability to make group calls with priorities as well as text messaging throughout the system. Video captured with the end user equipment can be transferred to a central dispatcher and can also be received from a stationary camera.

Hytera Mobilfunk communications manager Markus Oltmanns told Wireless: ‘It’s about how we help users migrate from narrowband to broadband. What we have done is bring the evolved functionality of TETRA into a broadband solution by installing a TETRA application onto a smartphone, for example. You can make group or individual calls from a broadband device to a TETRA terminal and make emergency calls a priority. A broadband device can send maps, building plans, photos and video to the dispatcher. So what you are getting is mission critical features on LTE.’

Hytera described this proof-of-concept for broadband-enriched voice services over LTE as an important milestone for the evolution of the TETRA system ACCESSNET-T IP developed by Hytera Mobilfunk.

ATEX radios and TETRA covert radio
The company also showcased its DMR and TETRA ATEX radios. The TETRA version is at a working prototype stage and will not be available until 2013. The DMR version is approved and certified and will be commercially available in July.

Hytera’s DMR X1 covert radio was released in 2011, but a second version, the X2, is due out towards the end of the year, which will have a keypad but no LCD screen. TETRA version is on the way by the end of 2012. The radios are IP67 rated.

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