TWC 2012: Zetron economically extends TETRA networks to the desktop

Zetron Model 390 solution provides access to TETRA through a desktop dedicated interface into areas where radio frequencies may be hazardous

TWC 2012: Zetron economically extends TETRA networks to the desktop

Zetron unveiled a new solution at TETRA World Congress 2012 that enables organisations to economically extend TETRA networks to the desktop in areas where RF is potentially hazardous or impractical. The solution also extends access to out-of-coverage areas and even to out-of-country personnel.

The Zetron Model 390 has the form factor of a conventional desk phone, but gives users access to TETRA functionality through its dedicated interface. Interfaces are currently available for Motorola MTM800e, 800, 700 and 300 TETRA radios.

Up to 15 Zetron Model 390s can be connected by conventional Cat 5 cable to a single TETRA radio located up to 600m away, greatly reducing deployment and installation costs, and enabling RF emissions to be kept away from sensitive equipment. An optional interface module enables out-of-coverage or remote access to TETRA networks via dial-up telephony, ISDN or private circuit.

For in-building applications, the Model 390 minimises the risk of EMC/EMI disruption by keeping radios away from sensitive equipment, while at the same time driving costs down by using existing phone wiring instead of expensive antenna cabling.

In refineries and other applications where radios are either banned under health and safety regulations or could be potentially hazardous, the Model 390 gives personnel full access to TETRA radio network functionality while keeping RF emissions away from the critical areas.

In tunnels and other structures where radio propagation can be problematical, the Model 390’s multi-drop configuration delivers a more cost effective and simpler way to deliver TETRA coverage than some alternative technologies, according to Zetron.

For enterprises that need to link by radio with their own personnel or those of partner organisations located away from the network, the Model 390’s remote access module provides a reliable and cost-effective way to achieve connectivity.

‘The Model 390 is a unique, valuable and highly complementary enhancement to Motorola’s popular MTM800e radio, and to earlier generations of TETRA radios,’ says Zetron’s EMEA vice president and general manager Alan Pinnegar. ‘Even though the MTM800e interface has only recently been introduced we have already delivered several thousand units to customers and are talking with a number of other potential customers about how the Model 390 will help them increase their operational efficiency and safety.’

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