TWC 2012: Motorola Solutions showcases MTP3000 TETRA radio series

Three new radios are designed to increase user safety and effectiveness through better audio, increased range, toughness and ease of use

TWC 2012: Motorola Solutions showcases MTP3000 TETRA radio series

Motorola Solutions unveiled the latest addition to its TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) portfolio in the shape of the MTP3000 handheld radio series at TETRA World Congress in Dubai last week (14-17 May 2012).

Introducing the radios, Tom Quirke, VP and general manager, Global TETRA Organisation, Motorola Solutions, said the new designs and innovations were designed to: provide single police patrols/lone workers with a TETRA safety lifeline; to do more with less to help boost customers’ return on investment; and to future proof that investment.

The three new models in the MTP3000 series answer core user demands for increased user safety and reliability and set new standards with significant improvements in audio quality, increased network coverage, ruggedness and ease of use. These radios will increase choices for the differing needs of users, ranging from entry level to advanced, with feature sets that match operational needs.

The new MTP3000 radios offer the highest receiver sensitivity in the market (a -2db increase on all existing TETRA radios), which allows a 14% range increase and a 30% boost to network coverage, when compared to a European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) specification radio.

The MTP3000 series has been designed to deliver superior audio quality with an optimum level of audio loudness and clarity of voice, coupled with a superior microphone system, ensuring that users can hear and be heard clearly, even in the noisiest environments.

Key facts
• The enhanced sensitivity and true 1.8W output will provide the best network coverage and will enhance coverage in buildings and increase user safety.
• The radio features two control knobs, one for volume and one for talk groups. This offers a user experience similar to analogue radios, allowing easy migration from analogue to digital communications. It also makes it easier to use for users wearing the radio out of eye sight (such as the back of the belt).
• The MTP3000 series introduces a new fast and rugged IP55-certified side connector, allowing the user to connect and disconnect an accessory in less than two seconds.
• The MTP3000 range is fully supported by Motorola’s Integrated Terminal Management system, which ensures that organisations can manage their radio fleet effectively.
• As with all Motorola radios, the MTP3000 range has an intuitive user interface and has gone through extensive quality and user testing programmes.
• The range also features an enhanced user display that automatically adapts to changing light conditions encountered by users.

The MTP3100, MTP3200 and MTP3250 ranges are available to order today, with existing orders due to ship by the end of June 2012.

MTP3100 entry-level series
The MTP3100 series represents an entry-level radio for organisations looking for the benefits of TETRA, but who don’t need the advanced communication or data sharing features that require a keypad. User scenarios include security patrols maintaining contact with supervisors or maintenance teams co-ordinating operations across a large industrial or processing installation.

MTP3200 mid-range series
The MTP3200 radio offers reliable communications to entry-level users working in more mission-critical environments that want to use the radio alongside other data-centric devices for tasks such as database look-ups and information sharing during field operations.

Typical applications include supervision and tracking of fire service personnel during incident response, police officers sharing real-time information from central databases during surveillance, and oil and gas industry inspection teams conducting safer operations in hazardous chemical or production installations with constant high noise levels. 

The MTP3200 delivers Bluetooth connectivity, which increases the user’s operational flexibility and productivity in the field by offering wirefree accessories and connection to scanners, printers and mobile computing devices. This flexibility meets the critical and growing need for database access in mission-critical or public safety applications. 

The range features GPS so that staff location can be continually tracked during field operations in difficult neighbourhoods or hazardous industrial environments.

MTP3250 high-end series
In addition to the above mentioned features, the MTP3250 offers a full keypad for more advanced users to maintain critical communication and collaboration between control and field personnel.

Ideal for fire officers maintaining real-time contact with team members and control when evacuating a burning building, police officers securely sharing details of a suspect during a pursuit, and in public safety operations, where emergency response teams are able to make split-second decisions in extremely challenging conditions while maintaining effective contact with control rooms.

Key features that enhance mission effectiveness and user safety include:
• Radio Messaging Service, which is ideal for users who want to report their status using the radio.
• Call Out function, which allows operators to send a message out with a guaranteed response.
• Full telephony capability so the radio can act as a telephone for calls in and out of the TETRA network.

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