TWC 2012: Cassidian introduces new slim and light TETRA TH1n radio model

New slimline pocket TETRA radio model is aimed at the likes of social workers and healthcare professionals looking for a smaller, lighter radio

TWC 2012: Cassidian introduces new slim and light TETRA TH1n radio model

At the TETRA World Congress (TWC) in Dubai, Cassidian launched its new slimline TETRA radio - the TH1n, which the company says is the first in a completely new class of pocket-sized TETRA radios.

The company highlighted the ‘classy, elegant design’, which is says sets it apart from conventional Professional Mobile Radios (PMRs), with its metallic finish and well-formed, rubber-coated sides. At the same time, the TH1n still retains the same large, bright colour display already familiar from previous Cassidian radio models.

These design elements are also expected to open up the TETRA market to new sectors, such as social workers and health care personnel who have the option of joining shared public safety networks, but so far haven’t found a radio model to suit their needs better than a heavy-duty radio targeted at fire fighters, for instance. Equipped with appropriate accessories, TH1n is also suitable for covert use thanks to its compact and thin design.

In addition to the new look, the TH1n is characterised by clear and loud voice quality. It is a fully featured professional tool suitable for anyone who needs the most functional and robust tools to support their work. IP65 protection guarantees reliable performance in demanding environments and 1.8 watt output power provides extra reach when network coverage is at its limit or when Direct Mode Operation (DMO) is used.

The repeater feature in DMO enables teams to build a voice connection between users who might otherwise be out of reach of each other. Even with such a slim profile, the TH1n provides use times comparable with those of any other TETRA radio on the market, thanks to its innovative battery technology.

The ability to access and share data in the field is increasingly important and the TH1n also delivers in this respect, enabling field operatives to perform data queries and send reports. They can take advantage of the Java platform, which enables many types of easy-to-use applications, thanks to the possibility of custom-made application user interfaces.

First orders for TH1n TETRA radio from Finland, Sweden and the UAE
Cassidian also announced at TWC 2012 that Finland, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates have already placed orders for the TH1n radio and will receive the product in the fourth quarter of 2012.

VIRVE Products and Services from Finland, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and Atlas Telecom from the United Arab Emirates are the first customers to have confirmed orders for the TH1n.

‘VIRVE warmly welcomes the new slim and light TETRA radio from Cassidian. I believe that the TH1n can open new perspectives for user groups whose way of working and using radio communication differs from ‘heavy-duty’ PMR, such as the users in social and health care services,’ said Sami Orakoski, CEO of VIRVE Products and Services.

‘We are excited about TH1n and are happy to see Cassidian introducing a completely new TETRA radio category. Such a product will make our nationwide Rakel network interesting to new segments such as administrative officers of governmental organisations who will clearly benefit from a shared public safety network and have been looking for a small and light-weight product,’ stated Stefan Kvarnerås, Director of Rakel/TETRA business at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

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