TWC 2012: Sepura unveils STP9000 series of new TETRA hand-portable radios

Three variants on offer have a new user interface, are IP67 protected and range from full keypad and colour screen to reduced keypad and monochrome screen

TWC 2012: Sepura unveils STP9000 series of new TETRA hand-portable radios

Sepura introduced its new STP9000 series of TETRA hand-portable radios at the TETRA World Congress 2012 in Dubai. The range of three terminal incorporate all the features of the company’s existing flagship STP8000 series, but with added features such as IP67 robustness, an enhanced user interface, built-in RFID tag and super-sensitive GPS capability.  

Sepura describes the thinking behind the latest innovations as being ones that will help drive efficiency improvements across users’ operations, while also enhancing their safety and security and improving the user experience.  

The STP9000 series comprises three variants: STP9000, featuring a full keypad and large, colour screen; STP9100, with a reduced keypad and large, colour screen; and STP9200, offering a reduced keypad and monochrome screen. 

Amongst the key benefits that the STP9000 series offers are:

Robustness – The IP67 environmental protection rating means that it will still function after having been submerged in up to 1m of water for up to 30 minutes. This makes the range ideal for operatives in the marine, fire and rescue, open-cast mining or heavy industrial sectors, whose role demands a totally robust TETRA radio.  

However, it is also an excellent solution for sectors, such as police, ambulance, utilities and transport, where there is occasional – and unpredictable – exposure to harsh and challenging environments.  

The STP9000 series’ robustness is enhanced still further by its Connector Protector technology, which provides additional protection against the risk of salt water and salt fog damage to the radio’s connectors for users who are based on or near the sea.

Ease of use - The STP9000 incorporates an enhanced user interface, which provides three different presentation styles that users can select according to their personal preference. The options cater particularly for those who prefer user interfaces on smart phones or other GSM devices, thus helping to reduce training costs for both existing staff and new recruits.

Advanced resource management – The STP9000 series’ built-in RFID tag assists organisations in managing their resources more efficiently, particularly those utilising pool-issued radios.  

Other key features – Enhanced battery life, full-duplex audio and, of particular relevance in today’s economic climate, the radios are all compatible with all Sepura STP8000 series accessories, so users do not need to invest in new ones. The radios also come with a micro SD card, which follows smartphones with the ability to twist an image if the radio is turned on its side.

Commenting on the launch, Jens Thostrup, Senior Vice President for Sepura, said: ‘The Sepura STP9000 series of TETRA hand-portables is truly innovative, designed for users who want the best from their digital radios. Mission-critical operatives across the public safety sector will be among the main users of the STP9000. 

‘Reflecting the direction of the TETRA market as a whole, it will also appeal to users in the utility, public transport and industrial/manufacturing sectors. The IP67 rating will be of particular interest to organisations and industries where resistance to both fine dust and water ingress are required,’ said Thostrup.

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