Thales to show products and solutions in four zones at TETRA World Congress 2012

TETRA and LTE for mission critical comms, systems integration for command centres, tactical networks for defence and security operations and TETRA for transport are the key themes on display

Thales to show products and solutions in four zones at TETRA World Congress 2012

Thales will be displaying its range of equipment and solutions, including integrated systems and services for governmental agencies, homeland security forces and the rail transport sector at this year’s Tetra World Congress in Dubai.

To reflect the trends currently observed in the field of critical communications, Thales is organizing its stand into four distinct zones:

Mission critical communications systems TETRA and LTE

Users of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) now require more effective and high bandwidth communications mean in introducing broadband technology to facilitate multimedia information sharing (database access, real-time video, etc.) with the forces deployed on the ground. The TeMax solution from Thales brings 4G technology to professional users.

The global Thales’s offering consists of a comprehensive network management system using the LTE core broadband network, a push-to-talk smartphone device operating on the LTE network and applications that support first responders in the field. Thales’s LTE solution is the only network with a corresponding push-to-talk smartphone that offers a fully distributed architecture for the public safety and first responder communities.

From command centre to crisis management in collaborative mode

As a lead systems integrator and supplier of value-added services, Thales offers solutions that facilitate the decision-making process both for managing daily emergencies and for handling full blown crisis situations. Thales sees its mission as ‘simplifying complexity’ so as to be able to provide decision-makers with relevant, clear and immediate information about their environment. Thales presents its modular crisis management systems through an interagency coordination platform managing operations requested by emergency calls or crisis situation.

Defence and security: tactical networks for operations

For the purpose of a mission, why can't a soldier use his/her personal-like device when he/she is in a military or security environment? With broadband PMR integrated into the tactical networks, the military users are now taking the benefit of high value services in the pocket (voice, real time video, location of soldiers, remote access to the database, etc.) wherever on the field. Real efficient solutions are now available to support the communication needs of defence and security joint operations. 

Moreover, Thales’ solutions are fully consistent with legacy networks and Combat Net Radios, with respect to the customer security policy; Thales then proposes the best fit to answer the need for higher data rates and more mobility of forces. Broadband PMR and smartphones provide a way to leverage defence and security tactical networks.

TETRA solutions for transport

Thales has extensive experience in providing radio communications solutions to the rail transport sector. These solutions include Tetra based operational radio solutions, often as part of a broader Integrated Transport Solution. Thales’s solutions employ innovative technology, new and legacy systems integration know-how and tailored services, to meet our customer’s current needs and future high data rate requirements. Some of our major references, from London Underground to Mecca Metro and Metro Santo Domingo, will be presented to visitors to the TETRA for Transport zone of our stand.

Thales will also be taken part in some of the sessions:

Tuesday 15th May – Congress Day One

Stream B: Digital Migration & TETRA evolution15:20 – Deploying a Tetra over IP Network for the French Railways (SNCF)

Philippe Massy, Radio Network Director, SNCF and Sébastien Sabatier, Strategy and Marketing Manager, Thales

Wednesday 16th May – Congress Day Two

Stream A: Critical Broadband Communications & Applications14:20 – Deploying a LTE and TETRA solution for mission critical network users

Sébastien Sabatier, Strategy and Marketing Manager, Thales


Thales will be at Stand C201 during TETRA World Congress

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