TWC 2012: Airwave to present on TETRA network issues

Senior representatives from the operator of the UK’s emergency service TETRA network will make presentations on covering unplanned major events and dealing with the UK summer riots of 2011

TWC 2012: Airwave to present on TETRA network issues

Airwave, the leading provider of critical voice and data communications to public service organisations in Great Britain, has been invited to give two presentations and participate in panel discussions at the TETRA World Congress (TWC) 2012 taking place in Dubai between 14-17 May 2012.

Airwave CTO Euros Evans will present: ‘Delivering greater capacity to support unplanned major events and incidents while balancing the impact on Airwave spectral efficiency’ on day one of the congress, which will explore the potentials of the future technll allow delegates to hear from the leaders of major TETRA operators on how investment in netwologies and the benefits they could bring for the various needs of the public safety sector.

Evans is also participating in the panel discussion on day two of the congress entitled: ‘TETRA – ‘Short Term and Long Term Opportunities and Threats’. The panel will evaluate the prospects for the size of the TETRA market over the next five years and discuss what the impact will be of mobile broadband, particularly LTE in mission/ business critical communications.

Airwave CEO Richard Bobbett is also participating in a panel discussion on day one entitled: ‘TETRA Network Investment & Development Roadmap’. This session wi

orks and services is evolving. It will also examine the roadmap for long-term critical communications network planning to meet the requirements of users.

On day three of the Congress Airwave network services director Martin Benke and Peter Goulding of Motorola Solutions will present: ‘The UK summer riots – A report on phases of the incident’. The presentation explores the challenges experienced during the summer riots, which saw an increase in the number of users on the Airwave Network in London increase from 6,000 to 16,000.

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