TWC 2012: RFS brings Radiaflex leaky feeder cable solution to Dubai

Radio Frequency Systems to showcase its wide range of radiating cables for in-tunnel and in-building wireless coverage

TWC 2012: RFS brings Radiaflex leaky feeder cable solution to Dubai

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, will present its in-tunnel and in-building wireless communication solutions at Tetra World Congress 2012 in Dubai. 

Featured products will include the range of RFS Radiaflex cables, a suite of radiating cables which are designed to provide RF broadband wireless coverage for confined areas. Radiating coaxial low-loss cables are distributed antennas which facilitate radio communication where the usual free space propagation of electromagnetic waves is hampered, undesired or impossible - in environments such as tunnels, mines, buildings, and large complexes like exhibition grounds or airports. 

RFS says it offers the widest product range of radiating cables for confined area coverage, whatever the individual indoor project specific needs are. These range from mission critical, such as TETRA, GSM-Rail, signaling and track-to-train radio, to commercial (4G, 3G, 2G) wireless services.

The company can supply radiating cables for RF ultra-broadband (multi-band / multi-operator) to band-specific applications of licensed or unlicensed frequencies. It provides performance optimised best fit options, which meet individual requirements and/or constraints – for example, radiating cable position vs. receive (mobile/on-board) antenna location/orientation in road, rail or metro tunnels and buildings. 

RFS also offers end-to-end indoor solutions including consultancy and product attached services, such as solution design and on-site acceptance, aimed at the lowest cost of solution.

The company claims it is the only supplier on the market with the intellectual property and leading-edge technology to suppress so-called stop bands in radiating cables. It features RFS’ patented ‘higher order mode suppression technique’ that allows RFS to offer cables that support current and future in-tunnel and in-building commercial and private radio services from below 100MHz up to 2700MHz (1-5/8” cables) and to 6000 MHz (1/2” cables) for cost savings and lowest total cost of ownership. 

Radiaflex cables are LTE ready and also future-proof with respect to RF spectrum re-banding and re-farming. They ensure lowest insertion loss and excellent coupling performance, and feature halogen-free, non-corrosive, low-smoke and flame-retardant jacket material for safe and reliable long-term cable operation for decades, according to RFS. 

An insight into RFS’ achievements in the In-Tunnel and In-Building sector will be given by Dr. Peter Raabe, Global Product Line Director, Wireless Indoor Solutions at RFS. On Tuesday, 15 May he will be speaking at the TETRA Live Theatre session, where he will be talking about 'Progress In Radiating Cable Technology To Meet The Challenges Of In-Tunnel And In-Building Wireless Communication Systems'.

RFS will have a number of experts on hand during the Congress including Dr Peter Raabe (Global Product Line Director, Wireless Indoor Solutions); Kashif Salman and Ozan Inan (Sales Managers Middle East) and Peter Krause (Marketing Communications).

The RFS booth is at Stand H 405) in the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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