TWC 2012 - MIC Nordic to present One Net Solution for broadband in-building coverage

FIBER-DAS broadband solution covers all radio technologies from 88MHz to 2,700MHz

TWC 2012 - MIC Nordic to present One Net Solution for broadband in-building coverage

The number of mobile phones users is growing and also the demand for high quality service. People are spending more a lot of time inside a building and using the cell phone almost 100 % of time 24 hours a day. 

MIC Nordic provides solutions and technologies for high-quality mobile communications in indoor environments, such as offices, shopping malls, hospitals and airports. MIC Nordic’s ‘One Net Solution’ combines all radio technologies in a common infrastructure.

The One Network Solution makes it possible for all people, including security companies, to establish a safe in-building link to different providers of wireless communications. The company says its goal is to provide our customers with product and design to meet the requirements for health conditions inside a building to minimize the exposure of radio waves for each individual. 

There are many way to build a mobile communication network and the One Net Solution is a so called FIBER – DAS solution. This is a broadband solution which covers the frequency bands from 88MHz to 2700MHz together with a leaky cable adapted to meet these requirements.

The Swedish road authority, as well as hospitals and governmental buildings, have deployed MIC Nordic’s portfolio of designs and engineering solutions in order to fulfill in-building safety requirements for all users.

MIC Nordic will be at stand G:601 at World Tetra Congress in Dubai.

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