TWC 2012: Siemens CMT to demo cutting edge technology

The company will display a range of TETRA technology including GIS systems, task management for airports and a framework to integrate broadband data transmission between TETRA and mobile broadband networks

TWC 2012: Siemens CMT to demo cutting edge technology

Siemens Communications, Media and Technology (Siemens CMT) will be demonstrating a number of products and features at TETRA World Congress in Dubai. The demonstrations will highlight the major features of its TETRA solutions and include:

Geographical Information Systems for TETRA  (booth C302)

GIS products on show include a cutting-edge dispatcher system with a fully integrated Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS) and an Automatic Personal Location System (APLS) as well as a geo fencing solution and an additional tracking or alarm feature, which provides information to the dispatcher whenever a resource enters or leaves predefined zones. This is particularly useful in high-risk areas. 

TETRA for Airports (booth E401)

On show will be an application suite for task management in airports as well as other areas where safety is paramount. This Siemens application presents a versatile communication and data transfer platform and can considerably increase the efficiency of resource allocation. The Siemens CMT professional mobile radio portfolio TETRA for Airports offers powerful tools for airport communication as well as workflow and workforce management, allowing you to control operations as diverse as check-in, security, baggage handling or the vehicle fleet.

Siemens TETRA Broadband Extension (booth C302)

TETRA Broadband Extension (BE) provides a framework for integrating broadband data transmissions between TETRA environments and mobile broadband networks, without having to make prohibitively large investments. Systems, such as LTE, can be merged, offering the best of both worlds. And, of course, end-to-end encryption and a flexible architecture are guaranteed. This new solution is especially suited for data services used in disaster management. 

Case study: UK wind power farm

And, last but not least, Siemens CMT will present a most successful use case (booth C302), where many of these systems and solutions can be seen at work. Siemens CMT has delivered a large part of the overall TETRA communication solution to the largest wind power plant in the world. The wind power farm includes more than 160 wind generator towers in the North Sea between Great Britain and the Continent. The TETRA system provides radio coverage over the required area, telemetry services for tower data and the in-tower coverage.  

Siemens CMT will be at booth no C302 in Dubai.

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