Siemens Communications and DAMM sign strategic partner agreement

Combination of Siemens’ command and control technology and DAMM’s TETRA portfolio will strengthen Siemens’ offering and open up new markets to DAMM

Siemens Communications and DAMM sign strategic partner agreement

Siemens Communications, Media and Technology (CMT) and DAMM have signed a strategic partner agreement to strengthen the market position of both companies in the field of integrated TETRA solutions. 

Siemens CMT, a subsidiary of Siemens headquartered in Vienna, Austria, develops, sells and supports command and control applications and mission-critical communication networks. DAMM, headquartered at Soenderborg in Denmark, is a major provider of TETRA communication infrastructure. 

Siemens CMT decided that to support the growth of its worldwide activities, access to a best-of-breed TETRA platform is essential. DAMM’s leadership in TETRA technology made it ‘a perfect match’. Through the partnership Siemens CMT obtains access to DAMM’s unique TetraFlex product programme for the seamless integration with its own solutions, including command and control applications and professional communication networks.

Mohammad Vizaei, Head of Business Line, Secured Networks and Applications at Siemens CMT, said: ‘Our initial research placed TetraFlex at the very top of the list. Intensive testing in close cooperation with DAMM confirmed our first conclusion. For us, working together with DAMM and integrating TetraFlex in our solutions is the optimal path to take. We are confident that this partnership will prove very valuable for our business.’ 

Siemens CMT sees a significant business potential for its command & control and communication networks solutions within global industries, such as oil & gas, energy, rail and air transportation. These are all vertical markets in which Siemens today holds a leading position as provider of mission-critical solutions and where significant growth is expected.  

Per Skovsund, Director of Systems Business at DAMM, commented: ‘By partnering with Siemens CMT we will be able to position our technology even better on important markets where we are a major player already today. In addition, the partnership will support our penetration of new markets and definitely set a new benchmark for integrated TETRA solutions for mission-critical communication to the benefit of end users.’ 

The agreement was entered in March 2012 and is fully implemented in both companies. 

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