North America TETRA Forum launched

Launch follows last year’s Federal Communications Commission approval for TETRA equipment to be used in various industries; NATF announces upcoming TETRA North America tour dates

North America TETRA Forum launched

The formation of the North America TETRA Forum (NATF), which was first announced at the International Wireless Communications Expo in Las Vegas in February, will open up considerable potential for the growing adoption of TETRA as a multi-vendor digital trunking technology in these regions, according to the TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA).

The move follows the opening up of the US to TETRA in May 2011 following the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granting approval for TETRA products to be used in business, industrial and transport sectors. The TCCA Successful lobbying by the TCCA cleared the way for TETRA equipment to compete in the 450-470MHz and 817-824/862-869MHz bands.

The NATF will represent North American interests in the evolution of the TETRA standard and will provide education on the technology. It will also focus on engaging with all stakeholders including legislators and regulators on radio frequency spectrum for TETRA networks. The forum will facilitate development of voice and data applications and other value-add services in the region. 

Kevin Graham and Gary Lorenz the founding Directors of the NATF explained: ‘The inaugural members include many renowned international TETRA suppliers, North American based suppliers and distributors, value add solution providers and consulting organisations. They can assist professional land mobile users in North America to migrate their present analogue systems to the feature rich capability of TETRA, which is already deployed in 126 countries worldwide. The TETRA technology also meets the requirements for frequency efficiency and complies with the FCC UHF narrow banding mandate.’

The TCCA, formerly known as the TETRA Association, has been actively supporting the formation of the NATF. Phil Kidner, CEO for TCCA said: ‘TETRA is gaining a much deserved foothold in North America, given its versatility, comprehensive range of voice and data and security features and value as a platform for critical communications.  

‘The creation of the NATF is a major advance in enabling existing and potential users to explore the technology in greater depth also through the several TETRA pilot systems which are currently being deployed in the region. It will be a constructive forum for sharing experiences of the many situations in which TETRA has already provided voice and data capabilities in a wide range of demanding business, industry, transportation and government environments,’ said Kidner.

TETRA North American Tour Dates

The TCCA has also released the dates for the TETRA North American 2012 tour, offering a series of TETRA workshops where users can see the technology in action and learn more about its uses and benefits in critical communications environments. 
In partnership with the newly created NATF, the tour will cover the following cities:

12th June -Toronto, Canada

13th June -New York City 

14th June -Washington DC 

19th June -Sacramento, California 

21st June -Houston, Texas

To find out more visit ‘Events’ on the TCCA website

Specific venues will be posted on the site as they are confirmed.

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