Xirrus displays the art of Wi-Fi at the Saatchi Gallery

Visitors to the London gallery will now have seamless access to the internet, while the live streaming of events and content are now possible

Xirrus displays the art of Wi-Fi at the Saatchi Gallery

Wireless networking provider Xirrus has deployed a high-performance wireless network throughout the 70,000 sq. ft., Saatchi Gallery in London. The new network is based on its XR-Series Wireless Array and is designed to ensure the Gallery can provide wireless access, even when faced with unpredictable traffic load from many simultaneous users. 

Unlike the Gallery’s legacy network, Xirrus’ solution will enable Saatchi Gallery visitors, corporate clients, and staff to access the Internet from any device, anywhere in the Gallery. It will also include support for the live streaming of events, content and media distribution to screens throughout the Gallery, and interactive art installations.

As one of London’s leading galleries, as well as a venue for corporate events, the ability to give many simultaneous wireless users a flawless online experience – often at a moment’s notice – was deemed essential by the Gallery. 

Before installing the Xirrus wireless network, the Saatchi Gallery depended on temporary wireless access points that were set up on demand to coincide with specific events. With ever-growing visitor numbers and events involving blue-chip companies taking place on a regular basis, it became clear that the Gallery needed to deploy a permanent wireless network that had the necessary reliability, speed and capacity, with as little equipment as possible. 

Nigel Hurst, CEO of the Saatchi Gallery, said:’As a world-renowned arts venue, we have tremendous demands placed on our IT infrastructure. It’s vital that any technology we use is as unobtrusive as possible and delivers a flawless user experience. Compared with the alternatives, Xirrus was the only provider able to deliver a solution that exceeded all our current technical requirements and would meet our anticipated needs for several years to come.’

Sean Larner, VP of International Sales at Xirrus, added: ‘We have a wealth of experience in providing wireless networking services to over 3,000 organisations, serving the needs of their users for high-performance connectivity from their smartphone and tablet devices. We are pleased to be able to bring this expertise to serve the unique requirements of the Saatchi Gallery, and look forward to working with them to support the 1.25 million users who visit the Gallery every year, and the many corporate clients who rely on the Gallery for major brand launches and other events.’ 

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