Cassidian and Belgacom win Belgian TETRA network renewal deal

Consortium’s €7.4 million deal involves upgrading the microwave transmission network element of the nationwide ASTRID TETRA network

Cassidian and Belgacom win Belgian TETRA network renewal deal

The Cassidian-Belgacom consortium has signed a contract for the replacement of one of the major building blocks of the Belgian TETRA radio communications network - ASTRID.

The nationwide TETRA network serves currently about 75,000 users of all public safety and security services (police, fire, health and ambulance services) and several utility and transport companies. The contract amounts to about €7.4 million for the roll out and the maintenance. The renewal will be finalised by 2014.

The upgrade of key elements of the infrastructure covers the replacement of the microwave transmission network (provincial backbone), which connects the majority of the antenna sites (TETRA base stations) of the nationwide network to the switches, and the multiplexer (cross-connect) equipment. The project includes engineering, installation, configuration and integration of the new microwave -links in the operational network.

The renewal works will enable ASTRID, as a critical communications network operator, to increase service availability for its users by using lower frequencies and to consolidate its infrastructure for future developments by supporting Internet Protocol (IP).

Cassidian, which is part of the consortium, and its supplier NEC will be responsible for the installation and configuration of a new microwave network monitoring system, maintenance, and training.

Consortium partner Belgacom will deliver the microwave equipment of NEC, installation services and the first line integration and maintenance. Design of the transmission network will be handled under two separate managed engineering services contracts by Cassidian and Belgacom.



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