DMR Association joins with ETSI in standards push for digital mobile radio

Organisations sign a Letter of Intent to better address requirements for future evolution of the DMR standard

DMR Association joins with ETSI in standards push for digital mobile radio

The DMR Association, a global industry association dedicated to promoting the success of open and interoperable digital mobile radio (DMR) technology and ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, have signed a letter of intent to cooperate in the area of digital mobile radio and to work together for their mutual benefit.

The letter of intent - signed by Dr. Walter Weigel, ETSI’s director general, and by Mario Micheli (of SELEX Communications - Italy), chairman of the DMR Association - marks the beginning of various co-operative activities in the field of DMR systems, including the exchange of knowledge and expertise, with a specific focus on DMR standardization activities. 

‘As DMR’s standardization body we value the opportunity to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with the DMR Association. A healthy exchange of vital market feedback and product development experiences will allow us to better address the requirements for future evolutions of the DMR standard,’ commented Walter Weigel.

‘This step is the best route to achieve the common objective of ensuring that DMR technology will represent a success story for both organizations,’ said Micheli. ‘The signing of the letter of intent represents a significant milestone in the DMR Association’s long-term strategy of promoting the success of DMR technology by removing barriers to interoperability and supporting continuous product innovation,’ concluded Micheli.

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