Airwave messenger paging adopted by North West Ambulance Service

Digital paging service uses TETRA emergency service network to provide a very reliable way of locating and getting responses from ambulance staff

Airwave messenger paging adopted by North West Ambulance Service

Airwave has secured a contract with the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) to provide TETRA Messenger to their community first responders.

Airwave, which runs the UK’s voice and data communications network for public service organisations in Great Britain, conducted a successful trial of the product in the latter part of 2011. NWAS has now procured the service for a three-year term and placed an initial order for 330 devices.

TETRA Messenger is a secure, resilient, two-way messaging and alerting solution, which provides messaging on Airwave’s secure TETRA Network.

According to David Sangster, Airwave’s UK Services Director: ‘It is a robust messaging device with the added benefit of receipt acknowledgement. It is a world first and offers significant advantages over analogue paging systems.’

The addition of the GPS functionality means that control rooms can pinpoint the whereabouts of on-duty responders and manage their resources more effectively during an incident.

‘The device is simple and easy to use and offers users the functionality to store up to 40 pre-defined messages. In the past our responders were unable to respond in a situation which made it difficult for us to know who was available and where they were located,’ said Ray Lunt, NWAS programme director.

The pre-programmed responses (respond and react) can be easily integrated into existing control room systems giving the operators access to real-time updates.

David Sangster concluded: ‘TETRA Messenger empowers organisations to manage their workforce resources more efficiently as a result of better incident management.’


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