MWC 2012: Alvarion launches wireless broadband and new mobile data offloading solutions

he BreezeULTRA P6000 point-to-point is the first in the family of high capacity wireless broadband solutions, while the mobile data offloading solution enables operators to deploy Wi-Fi for data offloading in 3G and LTE networks

MWC 2012: Alvarion launches wireless broadband and new mobile data offloading solutions

Alvarion announced the launch of its BreezeULTRA family of high capacity wireless broadband solutions and a new mobile data offloading solution at Mobile World Congress 2012 this week.

The BreezeULTRA wireless broadband family of products is built on the 802.11n Wi-Fi technology, available in the 4.9-5.9GHz band. The first solution in the BreezeULTRA family to be introduced is the BreezeULTRA P6000 Point-to-Point solution, providing high-quality data, voice and video for private networks.

The BreezeULTRA family of base stations addresses the diverse range of connectivity and growing capacity needs of the market and is based on a multi-functional, multi-radio architecture that suits a variety of different topologies: Point-to-Point (PtP), Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) and Hybrid Backhaul-to-Multipoint (HBtMP).

All configurations of the BreezeULTRA family offer superior capacity and packet processing, enabling organic growth by adding capacity with a software license only. To address the coverage needs and allow deployment in Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) conditions, BreezeULTRA is equipped with high power Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology, enabling unique spatial diversity capabilities.

The BreezeULTRA family provides reliable wireless communications for operators, small cell backhaul, smart cities, public safety, education, smart utilities, oil and gas and Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs). With a small form factor, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support, browser-based configuration and more, the BreezeULTRA solutions may offer significant savings on OPEX, often invested in installation and maintenance.

The BreezeULTRA Point-to-Point solution offers extended capacity and coverage performance, leveraging powerful packet-processing, 250 Mbps net-throughput, quality of service, and high-transmission rates, creating high capacity IP backhauling and connectivity.

The BreezeULTRA P6000 Point-to-Point solution is available immediately from distributors and partners, and is currently deployed at several customers participating in Alvarion’s beta program. Alvarion said that additional Point-to-Multipoint and Hybrid Backhaul-to-Multipoint versions will be available later this year as part of the BreezeULTRA road-map.

Mobile data offloading solution for 3G and LTE networks 
Alvarion also announced the availability of a new solution for Wi-Fi mobile data offloading in 3G and LTE networks at Mobile World Congress. Alvarion said its carrier-grade Wi-Fi provides a comprehensive solution addressing the scalability, reliability and security needs of operators deploying large scale Wi-Fi networks for mobile data offloading and hot zones.

Alvarion’s mobile data offloading solution allows operators to benefit from increased network capacity and coverage in high traffic areas where data congestion is overloading current 3G/LTE networks. Operators can use the Wi-Fi network for more cost-effective connectivity of data users while delivering the same level of service. This allows operators to expand their network coverage and capacity, returning the original capacity to their 3G/LTE network.

By using Alvarion’s mobile data offloading solution, operators are able to retain customers on their network, reduce churn and improve customer satisfaction. By implementing a carriergrade Wi-Fi solution, operators can view network users and their usage information giving them insight into user behavior. Based on these findings, operators can begin to offer revenue generating services such as location based services and mobile advertising, or lease extra capacity to service providers.

This offloading solution is based on carrier-grade two-way beamforming Wi-Fi technology enabling a high level of service, fast connectivity and secured access to the Internet. Alvarion offers seamless authentication between networks for ease of service continuity.

An embedded access controller allows for scalable networks and lower backhauling costs with direct tunneling from base stations to the operator’s core. The solution is Hot Spot 2.0 (or Next Generation Hotspot) and 802.11u ready, which will allow users to roam seamlessly from cellular to Wi-Fi networks with zero-configuration required.

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