MWC 2012: PowerOasis launches smart grid energy arbitrage system

New smart grid platform allows telecoms operators to better manage site power costs and ensure network power resilience which will reduce operating costs

MWC 2012: PowerOasis launches smart grid energy arbitrage system

PowerOasis has launched the world’s first smart grid platform for telecoms operators which enables them to reduce site power costs and ensure network power resilience.  Energy costs continue to rise and electricity suppliers continue to introduce dynamic energy pricing. PowerOasis solutions enable telecoms operators to take advantage of the smart grid to reduce their overall energy bill.

The PowerOasis smart grid energy controller is deployed on telecoms sites and it intelligently decides when to power the site from the grid or from an energy battery bank. The controller can be pre-programmed or interrogate central price trading platforms. What is certain, it will optimise energy consumption from the grid to reduce the total operating cost.

PowerOasis take advantage of the latest development in battery technology to make the TCO models work for telecoms operators. PowerOasis has deployed multiple battery technologies and optimize the performance to meet the performance and budget requirements of operators worldwide.

John O’Donohue, CEO for PowerOasis said: ‘We are all familiar with the continued rise in energy costs and the promise of benefits of the smart Grid. PowerOasis solutions enable an operator to take advantage of energy arbitrage to reduce overall is energy costs while increase network resilience and lowering network CO2.’

The PowerOasis smart grid energy controller are supported by a worldwide manufacturing, test and support partnership with Jabil (, a $16bn turnover organisation with more than 60 plants in 20 countries providing global low cost manufacturing. 

UK-based PowerOasis provides power management and energy efficiency solutions for wireless operators, bringing together its knowledge of power and renewable energy and coupling it with a detailed knowledge of wireless networks. The company’s diesel hybrid (CDC) and grid autonomy solutions are deployed in regions of no grid or unreliable grid and can be upgraded to use solar or wind renewable energy. For deep rural areas, PowerOasis has a solar only solution which enables increased network coverage. 

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