MWC 2012: Huawei launches first full-outdoor ultra broadband microwave

The RTN Full-outdoor microwave product integrates traditional split-mount indoor and outdoor solution into one unit with up to 2Gbps capacity to help operators construct microwave backhaul for LTE

MWC 2012: Huawei launches first full-outdoor ultra broadband microwave

Huawei  today (2 March 2012) announced the launch of the RTN FO (real time network,full-outdoor) microwave product, the industry’s first ultra broadband FO microwave with a capacity of up to 2Gbit/s, at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

The RTN FO provides zero-footprint access for a multitude of micro base stations. Huawei has also rolled out the new compact case-shaped RTN 905 (only 1U high) and 42GHz microwave. The complete product line-up helps operators construct advanced networking microwave backhaul.

‘As LTE deployment picks up speed, the demand for more and smaller mobile access devices will grow as well, putting additional requirements on operators related to transmission speeds and site selection,’ said Christian Chua, president of Transport Network Product Line, Huawei. ‘With Huawei’s RTN FO - which is a light, compact, energy-efficient and zero-footprint FO microwave - operators can successfully overcome these deployment challenges to build high quality LTE networks.’

Last-mile mobile access in the LTE era is characterized by greater bandwidth and high-density deployment of tail-end equipment, such as micro base stations. High-density deployment poses challenges for operators, including site selection, engineering installation, and high maintenance costs, but these challenges can be easily solved by a full-outdoor microwave. Unlike the traditional split-mount solution that requires both an indoor and outdoor unit, a FO microwave integrates these into a single unit that can be installed together with antennas and micro base stations on one pole.

The RTN FO provides as much as 2Gbit/s transmission capacity over a single carrier frequency through a combination of deep Ethernet header compression, XPIC with co-channel dual polarization, and 1024QAM - currently the most efficient modulation scheme.

The RTN FO also provides multiple GE ports allowing for flexible network scalability. A network integrating the RTN FO and bearer equipment supports unified network management and end-to-end service provisioning. Furthermore, the RTN FO supports co-site deployment with wireless equipment, resulting in reduced operations and maintenance costs.

As a pioneer in the transport network arena, Huawei provides first-class transport network products such as WDM/OTN, MSTP/Hybrid MSTP, microwave products, and end-to-end network solutions.

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