Savox Communications launches new professional radio accessories at IWCE 2012

Manufacturer unveils new ‘Clarity’ interference free covert wireless solution, a new inductive Covert Base Unit, 2 wire semi covert kit and covert carriage solutions at Las Vegas trade show

Savox Communications launches new professional radio accessories at IWCE 2012

Savox Communications has extended its range of covert professional radio accessory solutions with the launch of a new products at IWCE 2012 in Las Vegas. The products for use in covert, semi covert, general law enforcement and industrial communications are designed to improve the effectiveness of individuals operating in demanding environments.

‘Clarity’ interference free covert wireless solution
The ‘Clarity’ interference free wireless solution (pictured) is a new covert neckloop/microphone system, which comprises a radio specific connector, wireless receiver module (with in-built PTT) and a wireless key fob PTT which are used with the RCR-7 sub miniature wireless earpiece. Using the latest DSP technology Clarity removes any unwanted interference from electromagnetic sources such as power lines and vehicle alternator systems and provides the covert operative a system that provides comfortable interference free use all day in vehicles or on foot.

Covert Base Unit
The new Covert Base Unit (CBU) consists of a covert base unit comprising of a radio specific connector, a wireless receiver module (with in-built PTT), a wireless key fob PTT and a Lemo plug for the attachment of TRX inductors. The solution offers a choice of inductive neck loop, flat-pack or flexible inductors, each available with a built in microphone and Lemo connector to attach to the CBU. The covert car key PTT provides PTT and Tones as standard and alternative programmable options are available for many radios.

The improved covert carriage solutions include a redesigned covert vest with greater comfort and fit and a new calf harness, which allows the carriage of the radio on the lower leg, which is ideal for use by covert surveillance operatives in hot environments where lightweight shirts are worn.

Savox 2-wire kit
The new Savox 2-wire kit provides the user with an acoustic tube earpiece and small microphone/PTT unit with clothing clip. The 2-wire kit can be upgraded to full covert use by the addition of an RX inductive accessory to provide a full covert solution with the addition of an RCR wireless earpiece. The Savox solution has been designed in conjunction with various government agencies to give one of the smallest but most usable microphone/PTT units available.

Professional Bluetooth noise reducing headset
Savox is also previewing the latest version of its Professional Bluetooth noise reducing headset which is designed to provide hearing protection with the convenience of hands free operation when used with a range of professional Bluetooth radios. The ergonomic design means it is secure and comfortable to wear for long periods of time and can be used with glasses and gloves.

Savox also announced the availability of a variety of products including Ear buds and Wire kits that are designed, engineered and manufactured by Savox to exacting standards to ensure the utmost quality and performance.

Andrew McLachlan, VP of the Savox Communications Radio Comms business said: ‘These new products are great examples of two of our strategies. The first one being to provide innovative products that the market wants. We are seeing increased demand for covert surveillance solutions and have responded to this need with our new range of Clarity covert and Bluetooth headset solutions.

‘Secondly, we are bringing design and manufacture in house to ensure the highest quality and audio performance which also reduces field failures and increases customer satisfaction. Quality, performance and innovation continue to be key to everything that Savox Communications does.’

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