MWC 2012 Preview: Xirrus targets move into the carrier mobile data offload market

Xirrus uses Ixia to validate performance of its XR wireless platform to move beyond enterprise Wi-Fi market and into providing carrier-grade Wi-Fi infrastructure for data offload

MWC 2012 Preview: Xirrus targets move into the carrier mobile data offload market

Xirrus, the California-based wireless network provider, today (23 February 2012) announced verification of its high-scalability, carrier-grade XR-series Wireless Array platform using the IxVeriWave line of products from Ixia, the converged IP services testing company.

The move signals Xirrus’s intention to move into the mobile carrier data offload space. The company has traditionally concentrated its efforts on supplying Wi-Fi systems to schools, colleges, hospitality, enterprises, stadia and outdoor events.

The company said that the tests prove that Wi-Fi is capable of meeting the rapidly growing needs of carriers for mobile data offload and that Xirrus is the leader in high-performance, high-density wireless networking – supporting thousands of users per access device.  Xirrus is showcasing the XR-series wireless solution at Ixia’s booth #1E47, Hall 1 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain, February 27-29.

Xirrus has turned its attention to the carrier market following the rapid adoption of the iPad and other tablet computers over the past two years, along with rich media applications, which has placed an ever increasing strain on wireless networks everywhere, especially those of carriers.

Network administrators and carriers are therefore searching for solutions to answer the call for powerful, scalable, and trusted wireless access. By placing significant emphasis on RF innovation and scalability from the beginning, Xirrus says it has ensured its wireless array architecture supports the unique characteristics and performance demands of today’s and tomorrow’s wireless networks.

Testing with IxVeriWave
Xirrus uses IxVeriWave to perform high scale, real world capacity tests on its XR-series wireless arrays. The high scale tests measure actual device performance with media-rich applications to demonstrate that the XR-series arrays are capable of supporting the rigorous demands required for carrier deployments. Tests conducted on the XR platform using IxVeriWave include:
• Ultra-high density client tests that validate the maximum client support on a single XR Array.  The 8-modular access point XR Array supports up to 1,920 simultaneous client connections – the highest in the industry.  Testing to this level of scale is only realistic with test equipment such as IxVeriWave.
• High density client turnover tests that emulate up to 150,000 unique clients connecting to a single XR Array over a period of 1 hour.  A set of 500 clients at a time connect to an 8-modular access point XR Array to verify the ability to handle high usage, high turnover scenarios such as public access in stadiums, conference centers, or universities.
• Real world environment traffic tests that emulate typical traffic mixes in deployments such as education, healthcare, hot spots, and service provider managed services. These tests ensured that service level agreement criteria is being met for each traffic type.
• Multicast video quality tests that validate quality of experience (QoE) for multiple video and audio streams using the IxVeriWave WaveQoE test suite. These tests emulate real video streams, which are sensitive to network transport issues, and validates that service level agreement criteria is being met.

‘The population of wireless devices has exploded in the past year, leading to the need for carriers to look for alternatives to their existing cellular networks for data offloading, and the need for us to scale performance testing of our XR product line to the ultimate limits,’ said Bruce Miller, VP of product marketing at Xirrus.

‘With up to 16-modular access points per array and support for up to several thousand wireless clients per array, this type of test system is fundamental to our ability to assess product scalability. While we run test beds with several hundreds of real clients (laptops, iPads, iPods, etc.), the IxVeriWave system allows us to scale to the next level, while at the same time accurately measuring the quality of experience delivered by applications running in such high usage environments,’ said Miller.

‘Wi-Fi is now essential to the future success of cellular operators everywhere,’ said Joe Zeto, senior manager, marketing development at Ixia. ‘Site surveys yield little useful information beyond coverage alone. Test and verification solutions like Ixia’s IxVeriWave allow Xirrus to fully characterise the capacity of their Wi-Fi solution, and then understand the QoE for customers using the network.’

Xirrus XR-Series Wireless Array
Introduced in October 2011, the XR-series Wireless Array is the first modular, chassis-based wireless platform. The high-performance, high-density wireless platform supports two to sixteen modular access points per array – ideal for a wide-range of deployments, from sparse usage areas to those with ultra-high user density. The platform’s modularity enables a long product lifespan with the ability to increase capacity over time by adding modular access points or migrating to new, higher speed technologies, like 802.11ac, as they become available.


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