Nokia Siemens Networks to trial LTE in Germany and Italy

Operator to deploy one of Germany’s first LTE networks in Halle this month for O2

Nokia Siemens Networks to trial LTE in Germany and Italy
Nokia Siemens Networks is to begin LTE trials with major telecom operators in Germany and Italy.

It will deploy one of Germany’s first LTE networks when it begins work this month (September) on Telefónica O2’s pilot LTE network in Halle.

The LTE pilot network in Halle will go into pre-commercial operation by the end of 2010. It will be built in 2.6GHz and Digital Dividend (800MHz) spectrum and will re-use existing base station sites for network upgrade.

Nokia Siemens Networks will deploy the complete LTE overlay network comprising of Flexi Multiradio base stations and the enhanced packet core (EPC) nodes Flexi NG and Flexi NS.

The network will provide broadband capacity and coverage in Halle and itssuburb Teutschenthal, an area where there is currently limited broadband access. Nokia Siemens Networks will also manage and operate the network.

In Italy, Nokia Siemens Networks (and other manufacturers) will be working with Telecom Italia, the country’s largest communications services provider, on its second phase of tests to help bring the next generation of mobile services to its customers.

The trial will be rolled out across 17 sites in Turin, using two 20MHz blocks in the 2,500-2,690 MHz frequency band. The tests should provide data transmission speeds of up to 140 Mbps per cell.

Nokia Siemens Networks has now signed 16 commercial LTE deals (including 14 radio deals) to date and conducted more than 25 trials.
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