Roke unveils 40km range femtocell

Femtocell delivers more than 40,000 times the area normally covered

Roke unveils 40km range femtocell
Roke Manor Research has launched what it claimed is the world’s first 3G wide area coverage femtocell.

The femtocell uses picoChip technology as the development platform. The company said it has a 40km range, delivering more than 40,000 times the area covered by most other femtocells, which normally have a range of just 2km.

Roke said the femtocell was the first to support full mobility at speeds of up to 120kph, allowing mobile users to travel while connected to the 3G base stations. It suggested that this would provide a cost effective solution to supply coverage to sparsely populated rural areas.

The wide area coverage femtocell requires minimum infrastructure and its small form factor significantly reduces power consumption. It supports up to 12 simultaneous users with Release 5 HSDPA and a software upgrade to Release 6 HSUPA.
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