MWC 2012 Preview: Stream Communications launches FreeFlow fast 3G service for tablets

Extra fast 3G service and Sim ups download speeds by 50% and improves 3G reliability and robustness for business tablet users

MWC 2012 Preview: Stream Communications launches FreeFlow fast 3G service for tablets

UK machine-to-machine (M2M) provider Stream Communications has announced the launch of FreeFlow, a new extra fast 3G service and SIM for iPad and smart tablet users.

The company said users of FreeFlow will experience web page download rates over Stream’s 3G network up to 50% faster than could be experienced from a typical ‘consumer’ 3G SIM.  In addition, because of the way Stream manages the connection between the tablet PC and the mobile network, users will experience overall faster downloads up to 80% of their total connected browsing time.

Stream Communications further augmented its existing mobile infrastructure, originally developed for ultra-reliable machine to machine communications, to meet the specific needs of iPad and Android tablet users in the UK. Anyone with an iPad or tablet PC running a freeflow 3G SIM will be able to experience a vastly improved experience, both in terms of reliability and download speed, the company claimed.

Nigel Chadwick, founding director of Stream Communications said: ‘Users of iPads and Android tablet PCs, particularly business users and entrepreneurs, value the reliability, knowing that they will be connected wherever they are, and that faster download will enable them to focus on their core business whilst on the move. Consumer 3G services rarely deliver this level of reliability, but Stream’s FreeFlow service can – our customers benefit from a vastly improved experience both in terms of speed and connection up-time.

‘Stream’s bespoke infrastructure enables tablet users to improve download times vastly – in many cases being up to 50% faster. Stream’s unique advanced network management and infrastructure means minimised downtime and significantly faster downloads. Customers trialling the service liken FreeFlow to using Wi-Fi not 3G,’ added Chadwick.

Stream’s FreeFlow service will fully launch to coincide with the Mobile WorldCongress event in Barcelona, 27 February - 1 March 2012.



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