Zetron installs Saudi Arabian control rooms

Zetron’s Acom Advanced Communications System provides mission-critical services for Jubail’s industrial complex

Zetron installs Saudi Arabian control rooms

Security and safety communications within a Saudi Arabian industrial  super-city are now being co-ordinated through a newly-commissioned pair of dedicated control rooms equipped with Zetron’s Acom Advanced Communications System.

The city of Jubail, located between the desert and the Persian Gulf, is the largest industrial complex of its kind in the world, with a huge range of companies right across the petrochemical and energy intensive sectors. It also has a commercial port and a separate Royal Saudi Naval Base and is home to tens of thousands of skilled workers and support staff.

Autonomous government organisation, the Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu, decided to concentrate communications for safety and security in two new control centres. The Royal Commission chose Zetron’s Acom for the heart of both facilities because of its proven ability to give operators touch-screen control over a complex mix of telephone and radio communications.

Acom provides state-of-the-art, digital switching and multiplexing communications systems built for mission-critical applications. Its screens display multiple radio and telephone, data, paging and video channels, enabling operators to swiftly make informed decisions and get the right teams and individuals talking. Ghouse Mohideen of Industrial Material & Services Co and Zetron’s partner at Jubail said the bid was won on technical merit backed up by Zetron’s strong track record in Saudi Arabia.

‘The evaluation team was able to visit the Royal Commission Hospital in Jubail where a smaller Zetron system was already operational. It gave them the extra confidence to choose our bid. We carried out the installation and integration, and then managed training for the Royal Commission operators jointly with Zetron,’ he said.

Sulaiman Q Al-Quurtas, section manager of telecommunications for the Royal Commission, said: ‘It was installed on time, does everything we require now and gives us the ability to introduce new technologies in the future. It was satisfying for us to see Zetron and Inma partnering so closely and effectively. Together they have delivered a quality result that helps us keep the people and companies of Jubail safe and secure.’

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