Zetron joins Digital Mobile Radio Association

Zetron becomes a member of the DMR Association to help support and promote the DMR digital open standard and interoperability worldwide

Zetron joins Digital Mobile Radio Association

Zetron, the mission-critical communications solutions provider, has been accepted as a Category 1 member of the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Association. The DMR Association is a global network of the world’s leading suppliers of radios, radio consoles, and radio networks. Its purpose is to support the DMR digital radio standard that was developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) for professional mobile radio users.

Category 1 membership is the highest membership tier available to manufacturers of DMR equipment. As a Category 1 member, Zetron will play an active role in working groups that are dedicated to enhancing the DMR standard and promoting it to radio systems integrators and end-users worldwide.

The company said this is important because, compared to proprietary equipment, open-standards-based equipment supports higher levels of interoperability and compatibility across multiple manufacturers’ platforms. Thus, it frees customers from being tied to any one manufacturer’s proprietary solutions, promotes healthy competition, and gives customers more choice in their selection of radio equipment.

‘It is my pleasure to welcome Zetron to the DMR Association,’ said Mario Micheli (of SELEX Elsag, Italy), chair of the DMR Association. ‘Zetron has consistently demonstrated its commitment to open standards. Both PMR [private mobile radio] users and the DMR Association will benefit from Zetron’s involvement in promoting and developing DMR technology.’

‘Zetron and the DMR Association are aligned in the support of open standards,’ said Zetron’s president and CEO, Ellen O’Hara. ‘We are both committed to supporting innovative approaches that foster the adoption of open standards and help remove barriers to interoperability. Zetron is delighted to have the opportunity to work closely with DMR Association members on a shared vision that will help bring interoperability through open standards to customers worldwide.’

Zetron is a wholly owned subsidiary of JVC Kenwood Corporation.

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