Tait upgrades airline’s flight preparation system

MPT 1327 (3RP) technologies favoured over digital alternatives

Tait upgrades airline’s flight preparation system
Tait has provided a major European airline’s ground staff and flight preparation personnel with its MPT 1327 radio network technology.

The airline has over 400 aircraft and 60,000 ground staff, who are dependent on reliable radio and data communications to manage the high volumes of aircraft preparation on the ground.

The airline wanted a system that helped it avoid potential aircraft ground time or operational delays, so full redundancy and a seamless integration were essential. It also required an easy to use solution with minimal retraining for new technology and maximum coverage. The MPT 1327 (3RP) technologies were favoured over digital alternatives because of these requirements.

Tait’s solution involved: two sites with the TaitNet TN3100 trunked radio network; TB8100 50W UHF base stations with IP monitoring; 800 TP8140 portable radios; and specialised software and data interfaces.

A dual-site system was set up to provide maximum coverage, full emergency backup and redundancy features. If the 16 channel main site fails, the standby site can continue to provide 16 channels. A five channel site was configured at a different location to provide coverage for the maintenance facilities.

Key ground staff have been issued with Tait TP8140 portable radios, while flight preparation personnel can view work schedules for up to 10 aircraft on the radio’s LCD screens.

Tait said the airline paid for exactly what it needed – a highly modular system tailored precisely to its specific requirements. The airline is now planning to extend the technology to its other airport hubs.
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