Sepura TETRA radios chosen by Saarland

Ninth federal state win gives Sepura 61% share of German market

Sepura TETRA radios chosen by Saarland
Sepura and its German partner Selectric Nachrichten-Systeme have won a contract to supply 4,000 TETRA radios to the Government of the German Federal State of Saarland.

The radios will be supplied to all the state’s police, fire brigades and rescue services.

Patrik Schlicker, project manager for Saarland’s Ministry of the Interior, said: ‘After a thorough evaluation of all the bids received, we selected Sepura radios because of their superior price performance. We are confident that we will be providing our users with the best TETRA radios on the market today.’

The duo has now won nine of the 13 German federal state tenders giving it a 61% market share. Sepura will be supplying its STP hand-portable and SRG mobile gateway radios, while service and training will be provided locally by Selectric.

Saarland is the first German state to select the new Sepura Colour Console (SCC) for the mobile radios. The SCC has a large high resolution colour screen, which allows the display of high quality photographs and maps and introduces three text mode sizes and a new night mode with reduced glare.

The SCC also offers high levels of water and dust protection, which make it suitable for installation on motorbikes and fire engines. Configuration and management of all TETRA radios will be carried out by Radio Manager, Sepura’s advanced client server operational support tool.

Sepura TETRA radios are already in use in the German states of Baden Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Bremen, Hamburg, Niedersachsen, Northrhein Wesphalia, Saxony and Saxony Anhalt.
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