SELEX Elsag to provide Gazprom with a TETRA system along pipeline in Russia’s Far East

SELEX Elsag and its Russian partner BERMOS have signed a €4m deal for a TETRA radio system along Gazprom’s Sakhalin to Vladivostok pipeline

SELEX Elsag to provide Gazprom with a TETRA system along pipeline in Russia’s Far East

SELEX Elsag has signed a €4m contract with its Russian partner BERMOS to supply a TETRA radio communication system along the Sakhalin - Khabarovsk - Vladivostok pipeline, used by Gazprom to provide natural gas to China and Russia’s Far East regions.

SELEX Elsag said it was selected by Gazprom thanks to the high capabilities of its TETRA solutions, which are able to assure prompt, secure and reliable digital communications in any operational condition.

The overall length of the pipeline exceeds 1,800km. As the 14 compressor stations are completed, the pipeline will be able to convey 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year.

The first stage of the project involves the implementation of 1,350km of pipeline, with a capacity of over 5 billion cubic meters per year by the end of 2011. This will guarantee suitable energy resources for the APEC 2012 Summit, which is to take place in Vladivostok.

The new contract is the partnership’s latest success, after a series of contracts signed with BERMOS over the years. The company said it would enhance SELEX Elsag’s leadership in Russia within the professional communications market for the oil and gas segment.

SELEX Elsag has been the leading professional radio communications provider for Gazprom, the giant Russian natural gas provider, since the 1990s. Through its subsidiary, OTE, SELEX Elsag was awarded a US$100m contract to create an analogue radio communication network for a large territorial area.

The natural evolution from analogue to digital TETRA technology, which Gazprom has selected over the last few years, allowed SELEX Elsag to carry on a partnership that, in 2008, led to the creation of digital networks along Gazprom’s pipelines and new extraction plants.

Initially, this encompassed the SEG (Severo-Evropeiskiy Gazoprovod, ‘North-European gas pipeline’), through which Gazprom is able to assure the provision of natural gas to Russia’s Northwestern regions, Baltic Countries and northern Europe.

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