Simoco DMR technology previewed ahead of February 2012 launch

Simoco gears up for DMR launch at IWCE 2012 with technology demonstrations

Simoco DMR technology previewed ahead of February 2012 launch

Global mobile radio specialist Simoco Group has successfully demonstrated its new DMR technology at Radio Comms Connect in Australia and the Federation of Communications Services (FCS) Business Radio event in the UK, ahead of its full international DMR product suite launch at IWCE in February 2012.
Simoco sought to underline the interoperability of its technology and its commitment to interconnectivity policies that will drive open commercial markets by demonstrating its DMR mobile making and receiving calls with equipment from other manufacturers.
Simoco is the third independent manufacturer of DMR base-stations and radio terminals to show working equipment, as the commercial viability, strength of standard and ecosystem for DMR products, applications and services continues to build demand.
Ian Carr, chief executive officer of Simoco Group, said: ‘2012 is set to be a very exciting year for Simoco. DMR is recognised as a major radio standard for the future and we are committed to delivering a suite of products that provides the quality and performance Simoco is known for, together with the interoperability that gives customers greater choice and flexibility in their solutions.
‘The success of our recent demonstrations, ahead of our upcoming launch at IWCE, underlines the quality of R&D and cutting edge products we continue to bring to markets around the world,’ continued Carr. ‘We are proud to be the third independent manufacturer to the market with a full end-to-end DMR solution, and with the imminent launch of this digital technology we will be bringing a new wave of open-standard, digital solutions to the market.’
Simoco is also one of the key drivers behind the DMR Association’s commitment to setting the standards for the future of DMR, helping ensure interconnectivity policies that drive open commercial markets. 
Simoco Group develops and manufactures PMR, DMR and TETRA products and services for markets including the emergency services, military, utilities and transport. It operates around the globe including the Americas, Australasia, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Africa.

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