Motorola Solutions to upgrade next generation TETRA system in two German cities for Vattenfall Europe Distribution

The contract is the first implementation of Motorola’s Dimetra 8.0 platform in Europe which will enable future voice and data applications to be used on TETRA digital radio networks

Motorola Solutions to upgrade next generation TETRA system in two German cities for Vattenfall Europe Distribution

Motorola Solutions has been selected by Vattenfall Europe Distribution to upgrade and expand its two existing Motorola TETRA digital radio systems in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany.

Motorola will upgrade the existing TETRA digital radio networks to its latest Dimetra TETRA Release 8.0 platform in addition to enhancing system resilience through the provision of additional redundant elements. The upgrade and expansion is expected to be completed by the end of 2011.

Motorola’s Dimetra TETRA Release 8.0 platform delivers many new capabilities to users and enables significant reduction of operating costs for users through reduced site footprint, efficient site connectivity options and up to 60% reduction in power consumption.

The TETRA digital radio solutions from Motorola enable Vattenfall to communicate reliably with its field employees in Berlin and Hamburg at all times. Even if public mobile or cable-based telephone networks should fail during disasters, Vattenfall technicians can still be contacted due to the redundant infrastructure of the TETRA digital radio solutions.

In the course of the upgrade, Motorola will also implement its future-proof Dimetra SR 8.0 platform at Vattenfall. This enables superior performance and helps Vattenfall increase resilience and capacity and lower running costs through streamlined system upgrades and maintenance.

The company says tremendous reduction of power outages can be achieved through the remote control of mid power stations via the TETRA-system. The scope of this important area can be further extended with the implementation of the new Dimetra TETRA Release 8.0 platform. 

Klaus-Dieter Drossel, sales director, key accounts, Motorola Solutions Germany, said: ‘We are delighted to expand the TETRA digital radio network of Vattenfall Europe Distribution to make its voice and data communication ready for further requirements. With our numerous successful customer projects in the utilities sector as well as in other industries and the public sector, we have proven that we provide our customers with unique future-proof technology.’

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