Sepura achieves market leadership in Danish ambulance sector

The manufacturer has secured deals for new TETRA digital communication systems with all five major regional healthcare authorities

Sepura achieves market leadership in Danish ambulance sector

Sepura has increased its penetration of the Danish ambulance sector following the deployment of its TETRA radios with five authorities earlier this year.

In May this year a new digital communication system deployed by the five authorities responsible for all hospital and emergency services in Denmark became operational using Sepura TETRA radios. 

The deployment is part of the migration from the authorities’ legacy analogue infrastructure onto SINE, the Danish national TETRA network. The move gives Sepura a 100% market share in the Danish Ambulance market through Radiocom, its distribution partner in Denmark.

Over 550 ambulances are now equipped with Sepura vehicle and hand-portable TETRA radios enabling critical voice and data communications between all paramedics and their command and control centres in each of the five Danish regions.

This is the first phase of the migration to TETRA technology. Sepura has already supplied its solution to three Swedish health authorities. The solution enables faster response times and more efficient service provision by combining two-way radio communications, messaging, mobile telephony and mobile data.

Mikael Hansen, MD for Radiocom, said: ‘The Danish authorities chose the Sepura Ambulance Solution unanimously. They were particularly impressed with Sepura’s gateway radio which, thanks to its outstanding output power, will give all operatives a much wider communications range ensuring that crews can be contacted on their radios even when away from the vehicle. The authorities are aware that keeping crews connected with their headquarters will improve their effectiveness, their safety and the safety of the people they treat.’

Lars-Magnus Gustafsson, senior business development manager for Sepura commented: ‘Achieving 100% market share in Denmark with the Ambulance Services is a major achievement and testament to Sepura’s in-depth understanding of the ambulance services’ operational and communications requirements. Ambulance organisations from many corners of Europe currently use Sepura radios for their emergency-response communications systems and enjoy the considerable benefits provided by the Sepura Ambulance Solution.’

The five Regions of Denmark were created as part of the 2007 Danish Municipal Reform. The most important area of responsibility for the regions is the public health service.  


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