Japanese speed up WiMAX rollout

... as Cisco dumps the technology in favour of LTE

Japanese speed up WiMAX rollout

UQ Communications, the Japanese Mobile WiMAX license holder, has bumped up its plan for base station installations by 50%.

It now intends to install 6,000 base stations by the end of March, up from the previous target of 4,000. NEC will be one of the major beneficiaries of the expanded program.

NEC is delivering the WiMAX ‘PasoWings BS202’ base station, which secures WiMAX Forum Wave2 (2.5GHz) certification, an international standard that indicates superior interoperability between vendors.

UQ Communications is the only telecommunications company in Japan delivering a  nationwide mobile service based on the WiMAX global technology standard. The operator started with a soft launch of WiMAX services in February 2009, and is now in the middle of a rapid rollout in a bid to support its vision of ubiquitous information society.

Meanwhile, a less positive sign for WiMAX came this month, with news that Cisco Systems is pulling the plug on its WiMAX base stations manufacturing business so it could focus on its other technologies, such as femtocells.

Cisco is already beefing up its LTE  business, which it recently boosted by the purchase of Starent Networks.

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