Low-cost Wi-Fi test kit from Willtek

1491 WiFi Connectivity Test Package allows easy testing of Wi-Fi-enabled devices

Low-cost Wi-Fi test kit from Willtek

Willtek has introduced a connectivity test appliance for WLAN devices. Service centres will use the 1491 WiFi Connectivity Test Package for easy testing of Wi-Fi-enabled devices, including smartphones and even routers.

‘A variety of Wi-Fi-enabled products are on the market now, ranging from ink-jet printers and mobile phones to DSL modems and routers. The growing number of returned products causes a testability issue in service centres. We hope to solve the problem with an easy-to-use test package that tells faulty from intact Wi-Fi devices,’ said the company.

The associated test software guides the user through a simple connectivity test. Along with a pass/fail verdict, it provides additional technical information such as the MAC address and several transmit and receive parameters.

Matthias Schuster, product manager at Willtek, added: ‘The WiFi Connectivity Test Package can be combined with other Willtek products for Wi-Fi-only tests, or for tests also including mobile radio capabilities or Bluetooth. We showed different possible solutions to service centre managers, and they were all enthusiastic about it!’

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