New lone worker radio with internal GPS

Device equipped with a 'Man Down' alarm

New lone worker radio with internal GPS

Radio Europe has launched a new flagship in its Kirisun range.

The PT7200-GPS  two-way radio is aimed at the security market, and is available in either VHF or wideband UHF.

Features include a programmable Man Down alarm, which sends a signal to Control or other radios – after pre-warning alerts to the user – if the radio remains at a certain angle for more than a pre-set time. A panic button can send alarm signals and also open the voice channel for remote monitoring of any situation alerted by the user.

The programmable Lone Worker function allows the user to confirm that they are OK, after a local reminder pre-alert. Should the user fail to press the Lone Worker button an alarm signal is sent over the air.

Remote GPS tracking is also possible  with an internal GPS unit.

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