NFC product to cut out hotel check-in

Application allows smartphone users to check-in remotely

NFC product to cut out hotel check-in

OpenWays, a provider of mobile-based access-management solutions for the security and hospitality industries, has taken the wraps off a Near Field Communications (NFC) service that could revolutionise security and check-in at hotel operators.

The company has devised an application for smartphones (embedded or mobile web-based) that allows travellers to check-in remotely, bypass the front desk and open the door to their room by simply pressing a ‘key’ icon on their mobile device. Those travelling with an iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Android-based or other Windows-based mobile phones can securely obtain an encrypted room key in ‘full data mode’ – as long as they are staying at a hotel that enables the OpenWays mobile key service.

The service would avoid the need for conventional check-in and radically streamline hotel operations.

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