Conservatives set to review £100m Airwave tube contract

A new Government would examine project to provide radio comms below ground

Conservatives set to review £100m Airwave tube contract
A new Conservative Government is set to order a review of the Airwave installation in the Underground, amid concerns over possible capacity shortcomings.

Security spokeswoman Baroness Neville-Jones said there would be an appraisal of progress on the Olympic Safety and Security Strategy, under which the Home Secretary guarantees to 'co-ordinate all matters of security and safety for the games'.

Baroness Neville-Jones (pictured) said she wanted reassurance that there was sufficient capacity in the Airwave in the Underground - a £100m project providing radio communications below ground when dealing with emergencies.

She said: 'Communications and communications interoperability are very important when delivering a safe and secure Olympic Games. It is certainly good that the emergency services have a common communications system, but we have heard problems on the capacity of Airwave. On entering office, a Conservative Government would conduct an audit and review of the Olympic Safety and Security Strategy to ensure that delivery is on target and the work carried out to that date is sufficient. This would include a review of the communications component.'

Nick Deyes, Airwave's London Underground programme manager for Olympic Airwaves work at the National Police Improvement Agency, said: 'There is lots of work going on around the Olympic village to ensure it can cope with the additional thousands of police officers and the density of usage. There are changes to the Motorola software going on as well so it can cope with additional capacity.'

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