ndura RUGGED laptop chosen to improve safety

Laptop selected to aid in high risk situations

ndura RUGGED laptop chosen to improve
Cambridge Consultants has selected the ndura RUGGED laptop to remotely control, monitor and record information gathered by its Prism200, an advanced hand-held radar system that lets the user locate people on the other side of a wall in dangerous and high risk situations.

The system is already in use with national security agencies, security services, emergency services, the military and Special Forces throughout the world to improve safety and discretion in surveillance exercises when managing hostage situations or when searching a building for criminals or terrorists.

Steve Williamson, Prism product manager at Cambridge Consultants, added: 'We selected the ndura equipment supplied by Blazepoint, as it offers levels of environmental protection in line with those of Prism200.

'We also appreciated the level of support we received from Blazepoint, which provided a very balanced and honest view of their equipment capabilities, and look forward to offering their equipment in association with Prism200.'
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