Ruckus Wireless provides Japan’s KDDI with data offload network

System offers KDDI customers nationwide Wi-Fi access, as well as mobile data offload service

Ruckus Wireless provides Japan’s KDDI with data offload network

US firm Ruckus Wireless is supplying Japan’s second largest mobile operator KDDI with what it claims is the world’s first and largest ‘instant on, no-touch’ Wi-Fi access and mobile data offload service, which will relieve pressure on its 3G/4G infrastructure.

KDDI, which has 32 million subscribers, is using Ruckus’ Wi-Fi technology to provide customers with KDDI ‘au’ Android smartphones with its ‘au Wi-Fi SPOT’ service free of charge. An estimated 10,000 hotspot locations are available initially, but this will be scaled up to 100,000 by March 2012. Subscribers can automatically access the service and be authenticated to KDDI au Wi-Fi hotspots using credentials embedded within each phone.

Ruckus Wireless’ president and CEO Selina Lo said: ‘Wi-Fi is clearly at the top of the list for service providers around the world looking for ways to increase cellular capacity. KDDI has taken a truly innovative approach to building a heterogeneous network that combines macrocellular technology, femtocells, WiMAX and Wi-Fi to address the exponential growth of wireless data traffic.’

Ruckus Wireless said the Wi-Fi network speeds deployment times and service availability, cuts operational expense and eliminates the need to provision fixed broadband access lines at each location.

KDDI’s initial focus is to offload data traffic indoors. Up to 10,000 Ruckus ZoneFlex 7363 and 7341 dual-band 802.11 indoor access points are being deployed in venues throughout Japan. A WiMAX router connects to each ZoneFlex 7300 via a USB port to allow Wi-Fi traffic to be automatically backhauled over KDDI’s national WiMAX network.

KDDI is using Ruckus Wireless’ controller and network management systems to centrally manage ZoneFlex APs and the Ruckus FlexMaster Wi-Fi system management platform to provide statistical traffic analysis, reporting and troubleshooting on a national scale.

Ruckus equipment utilises the company’s patented BeamFlex smart antenna technology for automatic interference avoidance, which is critical in unlicensed spectrum operations.

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