Icom expands two-way digital handportable product range

New IC-F3102D two-way digital handportable series is aimed at customers looking for a simple, value for money radio

Icom expands two-way digital handportable product range

Icom has launched a new IDAS IC-F3102D compact, easy to use handportable series. The radios are aimed at customers who are looking for an easy to use radio but want to benefit from the advantages of digital radio.

The new radio series is part of the IDAS (Icom Digital Advanced System) digital radio system. It offers outstanding communication quality, security and coverage, as well as 6.25kHz channel spacing, which can support twice the amount of users on the radio spectrum, according to Icom.

The new IDAS IC-F3102D/F4102D digital handportable series features digital/analogue mixed mode operation, which means that users can receive both analogue and digital mode signals on a single channel. The company said that mixed mode operation will benefit business customers as not only can it extend the working life of an existing system but it can also provide futureproofing, an important consideration in the current economic climate.

The radio series can be used in a conventional digital mode without the need for a digital radio repeater. This helps make IDAS a more affordable solution for many smaller companies. The series is also capable of featuring in a single-site trunked system solution.

Designed to be easily carried and used, the new IDAS IC-F3102D series features a small, lightweight body and simple operation. Additional radio features include group and individual call, enhanced audio, 16 memory channels and audio channel announcement.

Icom UK marketing manager Ian Lockyer said: ‘The new IDAS IC-F3102D handportable series offers outstanding audio quality, high-performance and strong commercial build at a competitive price. It also provides simple operation without the complexity of larger, high-end digital models, which will benefit a lot of business users who want a practical radio communication solution.’

He added: ‘We can see lots of applications where this radio will improve people’s communications without the size and weight of many other bulkier radios.’

Icom’s IDAS private mobile radio system is based on the NXDN 6.25kHz very narrowband common air interface technology. IDAS occupies only 6.25kHz spectrum per channel, while providing enhanced IDAS feature sets and data capabilities.

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