BelAir Networks launches small cell base station

The BelAir 100LP LTE Picocell is designed to deliver high throughput with multiple deployment options

BelAir Networks launches small cell base station

BelAir Networks has launched a compact outdoor small cell base station that combines LTE and 802.11n Wi-Fi, which it says can be installed and activated within 15 minutes.

The company argues that combining licensed and unlicensed wireless technologies in a small cell base station is a very effective way to handle growing mobile data traffic.

‘The BelAir100LP features a modular platform to accommodate operators’ LTE preferences and leverages patented innovations that address the installation challenges – including backhaul, power and mounting – that have impeded widespread picocell adoption to date,’ said Bernard Herscovich, President and CEO of BelAir Networks.

BelAir claims the 100LP LTE Picocell enables mobile carriers to quickly and cost-effectively build large-scale small cell networks for future proof capacity and coverage, with features that include:

  • Multiple mounting options – pole and wall-mount or patented strand mount via aerial, pedestal, cabinet or vault hybrid fiber coax (HFC) infrastructure
  • Backhaul flexibility – patented high-performance switched mesh, fibre, Ethernet or HFC
  • Licensed and unlicensed access radios – LTE + dual 802.11n Wi-Fi radios with chip-based beam forming
  • Internal array beam steering antennas working in conjunction with chip-based beam forming to deliver improved throughput at a greater distance
  • Powering via AC, DC or cable plant
  • Virtual AP capabilities enabling multiple operators to share common wireless network infrastructure while offering a customized user experience through direct integration with their specific back end systems (AAA, Policy Management) on a per SSID basis.

The BelAir 100LP is designed to provide a high capacity underlay or coverage extension to tower and rooftop-based LTE macrocell deployments.

The new base station has evolved from BelAir’s 100SP Strand Picocell, which incorporates HSPA or CDMA radios along with 802.11n Wi-Fi. The company says the Strand Picocell is in live network trials with major operators at the moment.

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