Hytera launches one of the world’s smallest covert digital radios

Wireless brings you a sneak preview of Hytera’s forthcoming DMR covert radio, which is due to be launched in March at IWCE 2011 in Las Vegas

Hytera launches one of the world’s smallest covert digital radios

Hytera is to unveil what it claims is the worlds’ smallest and thinnest covert digital radio later this month at IWCE 2011.

A leading innovator of wireless communications and the largest PMR manufacturer in China, Hytera revealed at the end of last year that it had a covert radio on its road map.  

The Hytera X1 Covert Radio is fully compliant with ETSI’s DMR open standard and the company believes it is the world’s smallest DMR radio. Hytera’s describes the X1 as a ‘perfect combination of structural rigidity, versatile functionalities, and refined design’.

Naturally, size is everything when it comes to covert radios and the X1 is a mere 119.5mm by 57mm and just 18mm thick with standard battery and without the antenna. Secure communication is another obvious requirement and this is ensured by using an AES encryption algorithm and a 256 digit dynamic encryption key.

Convenient application development is facilitated by a built-in Bluetooth and USB port, while worry-free handling is achieved through the use of IP67 protection.

Among others, Hytera’s X1 will be pitched against Motorola’s Discreet TCR1000 TETRA covert radio, which weighs 180g (with battery) and 99mm x 66mm x 17mm and Sepura’s SRC3300 TETRA covert radio, which is 130mm x 58mm x 22mm and weighs 178g (with standard battery pack).

Hytera launched its DMR product line a year ago and now has trunking, IP connectivity, GPS application and an Atex radio to add to its portfolio of products.


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