SWCS 2016: Huawei and Vodafone demo 1Gbps indoor throughput with LampSite

Huawei used its LampSite2.0 indoor mobile broadband solution to deliver throughput speeds exceeding 1Gbps across Vodafone’s live network at SWCS 2016. James Atkinson reports

SWCS 2016: Huawei and Vodafone demo 1Gbps indoor throughput with LampSite

Huawei demonstrated its second generation LampSite distributed small cell solution at Small Cells World Summit 2016. The solution, first introduced at the end of last year, showed 1Gbps plus downlink throughput running over Vodadone’s live network.

Huawei’s Marvin Cheng explained that the new LampSite solution has three new components than enable this performance: three carrier aggregation; FDD Distributed MIMO; and 256QAM.

Two LampSite small cells were connected to a unit capable of supporting three carrier aggregation and when activated provided around 450Mbps downlink speeds. Next, the Distributed MIMO was introduced with each LampSite small cell delivering 2x2 MIMO (i.e. 4x4 when combined) to the device, nearly doubling the throughput to around 900Mbps.

Finally, the 256QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) was added, which enabled 30-35% of throughput gain and end user peak rate, comfortably exceeding 1Gbps.

Contextualising the demonstration, Cheng said HD voice and HD video are the main drivers behind mobile broadband growth in the next five years. He observed that DAS is a good solution for voice, but not for data and that DAS is limited especially in its ability to handle HD services, as it cannot provide enough capacity – hence the need for solutions like LampSite.

Cheng added that in future generations of LampSite, Huawei is focusing on adding more capacity and maybe more licensed carriers (up from three at the moment) in the same box

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